Kenilworth has opened its doors to a new bistro/ bar with a fresh and exciting menu offering dishes from pancakes at breakfast to Italian Slow  Roasted Pork for dinner, with a whole host of delicious meals in between. However, the classics are not to be forgotten about at Pomeroys; including our mouth watering local 21 day aged 8oz rump steak.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another place to rest your feet on a shopping trip and have a cup of tea (although please do!) we also offer one of the widest and most imaginative variety of cocktails in town; Long Island Iced Tea, Gin Passion and Margarita to name but a few.

Set in chic and contemporary surroundings our booths and relaxed lounge areas are the perfect settings for our live music evenings, where we present the best of the local talent to entertain you until the small hours.

Our warm and friendly staff are second to none and are happy to cater to your every need so whether your after a hot cup of tea, a cool beer, a tropical cocktail or a 3 course meal, there truly is something for everyone here Pomeroys, so please stop by, we look forward to seeing you soon!